[Limit time Deal] New eranton Portable TV Bluetooth 4.0 A2dp Audio srereo Transmitter RCA/3.5mm Support Pairing Two Headsets Simultaneously for TV PC CD Player Kindle Fire iPod Mp3/mp4 Etc: MP3 Players & Accessories


  • Turn your non-bluetooth devices to a bluetooth-enabled thru 3.5mm audio-out jack,transmit audio signal from tv,CD player to bluetooth headset, receivers

  • Simultaneously Pair with Two bluetooth Headsets/bluetooth receivers,you can hear audio from both headsets.

  • Compact mini size;easy to use ,just attach the bluetooth transmitter to 3.5mm jack and turn on ,no drive is needed

  • Bluetooth 4.0 tech brings high sound quality much less lags or delay,transmit up to 33 ft range

  • Built-in Newly updated Li-ion battery last for up to 5 hours(buy with confidence), can also work while charging.Please note this is a bluetooth transmitter not a receiver.

Product description

Color:Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter

If you have electronics without bluetooth this is a perfect product for you.
The new eranton bluetooth splitter can send audio signal from your 3.5 mm music devices like TV audio, CD player, MP3, DVD,laptop to bluetooth headsets.
Image you want to watch late-night shows or live games on tv but don’t want to disturb others,you can plug the transmitter into 3.5mm jack of your tv and it’ll send audio to your bluetooth headset .
This transmitter allows pairing upto 2 devices, which means you can watch tv or listen to music with others .
Updated bluetooth 4.0 tech brings strong singal transmission ability ,high sound quality less crackling, hissing or sound quality deterioration issues .

How to use ?
This tv bluetooth adapter is very easy to use and can synchronize your Bluetooth devices automatically.
1.connect the transmitter with your non-bluetooth tv/laptop/mp3 etc via 3.5mm male to male cable
2.press the power button for 2 secs and turn on ,the blue indicator flashes then it’ll pair with your first headset automatically in seconds
3.If you have a second headset to pair,just short press the power button then it’ll connect the second headset automatically

Bluetooth version:bluetooth 4.0
Transmission range:up to 33 ft
Battery life:5 hours
Charging time:1.5 hours

Package included:
1*eranton bluetooth 4.0 transmitter
1*3.5mm male to male audio cable (The 3.5mm audio cable may come with a different version)
1*RCA to 3.5mm female audio cable
1*Micro usb charge cable
1*user manual

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